Tax News
January 2008

FTB launches tax season with new taxpayer services

As the 2008 filing season dawns, it's time to brush up on new technology and law changes that take effect for the 2007 tax year. Get the latest scoop on the employer requirement to notify employees of the Earned Income Tax Credit, registered domestic partners' filing status, ReadyReturn and CalFile, and a new online service, My FTB Account. / more+

2008 FTB Information Directory available online

Our updated Directory is available to you online, giving you the phone numbers, Webpages, email addresses, and location addresses you need. / more+

What's new for HOH filers in 2008?

The big news in filing status this year is the 2006 legislation that treats registered domestic partners the same as a married couple for tax purposes when they file their 2007 income tax returns. This new treatment includes the head of household filing status, with certain requirements. / more+

Don't forget use tax on your clients' California income tax returns

It bears repeating each new filing season - make sure your clients avoid penalties and interest by reporting use tax on their California income tax returns. / more+

Getting the word out on the Earned Income Tax Credit

Effective January 1, 2008, employers are required to notify employees of the federal Earned Income Tax Credit. The Employment Development Department has taken the lead in outlining what employers need to do to comply with this new law. / more+

Use FTB-approved substitute or scannable forms

We print the list of approved software providers each year at the beginning of the filing season. Make sure your provider is on the approved list before you begin using their forms, and follow our tips to help keep your filing season running smoothly. / more+

Save the date for IRS's Tax Talk Today on January 8

Make sure you mark your calendar for this Tax Talk Today program on Getting Ready for the Filing Season: 2008 (businesses) Part two. Check the links provided, and the IRS Website for upcoming programs of interest. / more+

Notes from the Tax Practitioner Stakeholder Specialist

  • Thoughts on the 2008 tax season and new legislation / more+

Inside FTB

  • Federal legislation on alternative minimum tax, mortgage debt relief
  • My FTB Account debuts
  • 2008 Southern California practitioner seminars
  • Interested parties meeting (sales factor; apportionment)
  • Correction/clarification: December Tax News / more+

Criminal Corner

Our monthly summary on bringing tax criminals to justice, and closing the tax gap one case at a time. / more+