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Steps we're taking to help the SoCal fire victims

The October wildfires destroyed many homes and properties in Southern California. We are focusing our efforts on assisting those who have been devastated by these wildfires.

  • We have suspended tax billings and notices to the affected areas for at least two weeks until residents have either returned to their homes, or made other arrangements. We will work with victims experiencing hardships to provide added tax relief on a case-by-case basis.
  • We conform to federal tax code sections that provide for disaster tax relief. Most importantly, taxpayers experiencing disaster losses that are not compensated for by insurance, or otherwise, can deduct those losses on their prior year tax return (by amending their 2006 return, filed earlier this year) and get a quick refund for taxes paid.

We will continue to post educational material on our Website to assist victims with disaster tax-related matters.

"My FTB Account" coming in January

Our goal is to help you and your clients by providing more of their account information in one place. You can already use our online "View Payments and Balance Due" application to see estimated payments and balance due amounts. Beginning in 2008, you and your clients will be able to view even more information about their FTB tax accounts than ever before. Because of this expansion in services, we are changing the name of the application to "My FTB Account."

The original "View Payments and Balance Due" application allows taxpayers to look up:

  • Estimated tax payments received.
  • Multiple tax years' balance due amounts.
  • Other payments received.

"My FTB Account" will add:

  • California wage and withholding information.
  • FTB issued 1099-G and 1099-INT information.

Spend less time searching for account information, and have more time to serve your clients!