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FTB's Tax Gap Strategic Plan wins award

Our Tax Gap Strategic Plan was recognized with the Silver Award in the State Information Officers Council's (SiOC) annual awards competition held May 10.

Members of FTB's Tax Gap Action Committee collaborated with academics, taxpayer groups, tax professionals, business representatives, legislative staff, and others to develop the strategic approach to reducing California's $6.5 billion annual tax gap.

The Tax Gap Plan follows a simple, well-organized design, and can be viewed on our Website at The Plan builds on a foundation of current, successful enforcement and customer service programs. Since 2004, the Voluntary Compliance Initiative (VCI) for abusive tax shelter participants and Tax Amnesty have brought in more than $6 billion for California.

The SiOC is a not-for-profit organization that provides support, education, and other opportunities to the public information, and publication professionals in California state service.