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As we rapidly approach April 17, most of you are busy mailing or transmitting your clients' tax returns. By April 18, you'll probably breathe a sigh of relief that the filing season is winding down. As your filing season draws to a close, ours is just reaching its peak. It's still too early for comprehensive statistics about the 2007 filing season, but here are the facts on how the 2006 filing season shaped up (January 1, 2006, through December 31, 2006):

2006 Return processing statistics

Returns filed:  
     Corp. returns 1.2 million
     Personal Income Tax (PIT)      returns* 15.0 million
Electronic PIT returns 8.9 million
(60 percent)
Paper PIT returns 6.0 million
Return preparation:  
     Tax professional-prepared 68 percent
     Self-prepared 32 percent
CalFile 111,529

     5,001 e-filed
     5,581 paper-filed
PIT refunds issued 9.7 million
PIT average refund $812
Total General Fund $60.2 billion

* All current year personal income tax returns (less fiduciary returns).

2006 Service statistics

Number of Web visits 7.2 million
Number of CA Tax Service Center Web visits � 494,153
Number of forms downloaded 6.5 million
Number of e-installment agreements 13,879
Contact center phone calls 1.7 million
Phone calls answered by the automated response system

These calls are routed to specific programs for resolution:
  • 4.3 million resolved by Filing
  • 1.6 million resolved by Collections
6.0 million
Number of field office contacts 124,745
Taxpayer Advocate cases

(Includes 2,334 emails addressed to Advocate and Executive Officer)