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California follows new IRS deadline of April 17

California taxpayers will get an extra two days to file and pay their 2006 state income taxes. On January 24, the Internal Revenue Service announced the new April 17, 2007, deadline, and FTB quickly changed the California deadline to mirror the federal action. 

The April 17 deadline applies to:

  • 2006 State and federal income tax returns, whether filed electronically or on paper.
  • 2006 Balance due tax payments, whether made electronically (e-Pay, credit cards) or by check.
  • Individual estimated tax payments for the first quarter of 2007, made electronically or by check.
  • Other provisions as detailed by the IRS in their news release IR-2007-15.

All California taxpayers get an automatic six-month extension to file their state tax return, although payment is due by the new April deadline. The FTB receives more than 15 million state income tax returns annually.

We want your tax gap ideas!

You’ve seen many articles about the tax gap on our Website and in Tax News, expressing our strong commitment to closing the gap. Many experienced and creative people are looking at how we can achieve this goal.

You may also have great ideas about how to close the tax gap, and we would like to hear them. Getting your feedback is an important strategy for us. We have included it in several areas of our Tax Gap Plan – see “Critical Success Factors (page 14) and Appendix One (page 16), Goals One and Six. We’ve established a “virtual suggestion box” so that you can submit your ideas and suggestions online, anonymously if you prefer. To get to our Tax Gap Suggestions Webpage, go to our Website at and enter “tax gap suggestions” in the search box. Let us hear from you!

Tax News survey results

Over 1,100 Tax News subscribers responded to our December survey, and gave us invaluable feedback. Almost a quarter of you who took the survey spent a little extra time and gave us your comments. Here’s a breakdown of answers to each question.

Distribution of responses to individual questions:

1. Does Tax News cover issues that are important to you?

  Number Percentage
Always 170 15
Usually 740 66
Sometimes 207 18
Never 4 0

2. Does Tax News give you information you can use in your job?

  Number Percentage
Always 265 23
Usually 594 52
Sometimes 256 22
Never 6 0

3. Does Tax News publish timely information?

  Number Percentage
Always 355 3
Usually 662 59
Sometimes 100 8
Never 4 0

4. Should Tax News include more articles about any of the following programs?

Check all that apply Number Percentage
Collections 427 15
Audit 627 23
Filing 718 26
Criminal activity 264 9
Legal/legislation 608 22
Fill-in 79 2
(1026 responses: 95 skipped, 91percent responding)

5. Overall, how would you rate Tax News as a publication for tax professionals?

  Number Percentage
Excellent 402 35
Good 584 52
Satisfactory 110 9
Poor 21 1

Question 6 was an open-ended question: “Pease suggest how we can improve Tax News.” We received a total of 223 comments and suggestions, in responses to Question 6, and the fill-in portion of Question 4

Although each question offered great feedback, Question 6 gave respondents a chance to speak up about anything that was not covered on the survey. Responses can be organized under four main categories: content, format, publication schedule, and general approval or disapproval.

You may view all of the Survey comments exactly as they were submitted, typos and all, at Search for “Tax News Survey.” Suggestions and comments in the content and format categories are divided into sub-categories:


  • State/Federal conformity
  • Practitioner needs
  • Tax law and legislation
  • Tax programs
  • Filing and forms


  • PDF version of Tax News
  • Return to the printed publication
  • Article length
  • Search/indexing
  • General layout

Thanks again for your participation in the survey. And, if you have new ideas or additional comments, drop us an email at