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FTB's filing enforcement program in full swing

In January’s issue, we reported on the kickoff of our 2007 filing enforcement program for the 2005 tax year (Tax News: “Nonfiler notices mailed in December”). In late December we mailed the first 80,000 of approximately 800,000 Request or Demand for Tax Returnnotices to persons we believe should have filed personal income tax returns for tax year 2005. The notices are based on information reported to FTB by many sources. See the January article for a partial listing of sources. We will continue mailing the remainder of the Request, or Demand for Tax Return notices through May 2007.

If you have clients who received a Request or Demand notice from us, urge them to respond soon. On March 5, we will begin mailing a Notice of Proposed Assessment (NPA) to the individuals who do not respond to the initial notice, or do not demonstrate to us that they are not required to file.

NPA projected mailing dates and volumes for the 2005 tax year:

Mail Dates Volumes
03/05/07 48,000
03/19/07 60,000
04/02/07 60,000
04/09/07 60,000
04/16/07 51,600
4/23/07 54,000 
04/30/07 24,000
05/14/07 36,000
07/23/07 30,000

The quickest way to respond

Many of your clients’ return filing issues can be resolved immediately via the Internet, or by calling our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system at (866) 204-7902. These options are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day for your convenience. 

Visit our secure Website at, and review the available services.

After entering the Website, type in the unique notice number located above your client's name and address on the notice. A menu will be displayed, from which you can:  

  • Request additional time to respond to the notice.  
  • Close the case if your client filed under a social security number different than the one we have on file.
  • Close the case if your client does not have a filing requirement (you will be prompted to answer some questions). This feature is used for situations such as:
    • Your client was a nonresident, but filed a federal return with a California address for the tax year in question.
    • Your client held an active California occupational license or city business tax license, but did not do business during the tax year.

Contact us

Email: Use the secure email feature on our Website to ask questions or provide information to us. Our secure email address is

Write or fax: If you prefer to respond to our notices in writing or by sending a fax, you will find instructions for these options printed on the notices.

We would love to hear from you

We realize that our annual filing enforcement process can greatly affect the tax preparer community. If you have any suggestions for improvements, please contact Kurt Vickner at with your suggestions and ideas.