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New forms Webpages

We are pleased to announce two new forms pages within our main Website. We hope you'll visit them soon, and often.

California's voluntary contribution funds Website

Since 1982, taxpayers have been able to quickly and easily make charitable contributions to a variety of organizations on their tax returns, simply by entering a contribution amount on the 540 2EZ, 540A, 540, 540NR (long or short form), and the 541 Schedule C.

Perhaps your clients have designated contributions to one or more of the voluntary contribution funds (VCFs), or have had questions about the organizations receiving the charitable contributions. FTB's new Voluntary contribution fund Website offers information on fund descriptions, contribution totals, fund contact information, and much more.

Over the years, we have heard from many taxpayers, who wondered:

  • Is there a minimum amount I must contribute?
  • How many funds can I contribute to?
  • What happens if I change my mind after I check the box and send in my return?
  • Where can I get more information about the various funds?

Check the VCF Webpage for answers to these, and many other VCF questions. In the future, we plan to add an email subscription to this site. Subscribers will receive email updates about new, or expiring VCFs, and other related information.

Draft tax forms Website - your chance to suggest changes to FTB tax forms

Have you ever thought that you could help California taxpayers if you just had a forum for your ideas on improving our tax forms? If your answer is yes - have we got a Webpage for you. It's part of our FTB Website, and you can find it by selecting the Forms tab at the top of the FTB homepage, and selecting the link to Draft tax forms on the left-hand side of the page. Once there, you'll see a list of FTB forms, each linking to a specific booklet, publication, or tax form. Click on the link to review the current draft version of the form, or select the Comments link, which will take you to the "comments" box where you can enter your suggested revisions, or comments. Don't forget to indicate which form or publication you're commenting on, and the year. When you're satisfied with your comment, click Send Suggestion, and you're done.

Anticipating your frequently asked questions

When will the draft versions be available?

Draft versions will be available from July to mid-December. In December, the official forms are loaded to the Internet and all draft versions are removed from the Webpage.

How can I tell a draft form from a final form?

Draft forms have the word DRAFT printed across the face of the page.

Can I file a draft version of a form?

No, only official tax forms can be filed with FTB.

Are all FTB tax forms available as draft forms?

All forms may not be available in draft version. Forms are loaded to the Website as they near the final stages of the review process, and some forms may load directly to the official forms Webpage.

How is this Website different from the Computerized Tax Processor (CTP) Website?

The CTP Website is a restricted Webpage for computerized tax processors, tax software developers, publishers, printers, and other tax professionals that create electronic versions of FTB tax forms. The draft tax forms Website is for tax practitioners and taxpayers to view and comment on tax forms. To gain access to the CTP restricted Website you must complete FTB 1096, Agreement to Comply with FTB Pub. 1098, and submit it to FTB for review and approval.

How will FTB address my comment or suggestion?

Although we may not be able to respond to every comment, we value your feedback and will consider all comments as we revise our tax products.

Check on changes to current tax forms

Keeping up with changes to tax forms can really save you time during the filing season crunch. It will also save time once we receive your clients' returns - using old or obsolete tax forms can really slow down processing. Make sure you're up-to-the-minute on any tax forms changes. Check our Changes to Forms Webpage before you begin preparing returns.