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FTB ID number protects against identity theft

On January 1, 2006, FTB began using a new identification number on many of the notices and bills we sent to taxpayers. Senate Bill 25 (Chapter 907, Statutes of 2003) mandates protection of taxpayers' Social Security Numbers from unauthorized use. This law makes it illegal for us to print Social Security Numbers on materials we mail to taxpayers. This law does not prohibit us from using Social Security Numbers internally, or from printing Social Security Numbers on documents mailed to authorized third parties, e.g., garnishments and levies. Taxpayers are not prohibited from using Social Security Numbers on their tax returns.

We are very serious about protecting the privacy of taxpayer information. All taxpayer information is confidential, by law, and is further protected by our strict policies and procedures covering privacy and disclosure. We share taxpayer information with federal or state agencies only for purposes specifically covered in the law. Our employees participate in annual training on ensuring the confidentiality of taxpayer information, and regularly receive updated procedures on privacy and confidentiality protection. Employees who violate any of these policies or procedures are subject to disciplinary action. Violations of taxpayer information privacy and confidentiality protections are also punishable by law.

You have probably noticed the new FTB ID number on some of your clients' documents. Recording the new number in your client records will help you avoid any identification number mix-ups. And, supporting our use of the FTB ID number will help us protect your clients from identity theft.