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State of California Franchise Tax Board

Incorporating e-file Into Your Office

Transmitting schedule

The time it takes to transmit electronic returns can vary from seconds to minutes depending on your software, the number of returns you are transmitting, and your connection speed. Many of the successful e-filers we spoke with have developed their own schedule and procedures to manage the transmission process. They suggest you keep the following ideas in mind when developing the schedule and procedures that work best for you:

  • Find a time to transmit that best suits your schedule. Some e-filers transmit all of their returns at the end of the day, while others transmit two or three times per day.
  • Batch returns and keep a report of the transmissions.  Your software may have a tool to help you do this.
  • Check your transmission report to make sure all the returns you included in the batch were sent, the amounts are correct, and all applicable state returns were included.
  • Log all transmissions in your client log.
  • Check all acknowledgement files and record accepted returns in your client log.
  • Take the time to resolve rejected returns. Your client's return is not considered filed until we issue an accepted acknowledgement.
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