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State of California Franchise Tax Board

Incorporating e-file Into Your Office

Error Management

e-file is much more accurate than paper. Part of the reason is that FTB performs up-front error checks on all e-file returns.

After you transmit your returns and we perform our error checks, we will issue an acknowledgement (ACK) for each California return. The ACK tells you whether the return was accepted or rejected. If we reject a return, the ACK will include the error and additional information to help you resolve the error. Your software may provide additional information.

Here is a list of the top errors. Correct the error and then follow your software company's instructions for retransmissions. Check back for the ACK of the retransmitted return to verify acceptance. Upon acceptance, log the information in the Client Log.

The IRS issues acknowledgements for federal returns as well. Check with the IRS publications for explanations of their errors. It is possible for the federal return to be rejected while the state return is accepted. Click here for tips on resolving these types of situations.


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