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State of California Franchise Tax Board

Incorporating e-file Into Your Office

Differences with e-file

Incorporating e-file into your office can be easier than you think. There are primarily three areas that change when converting a paper income tax return office to an e-file income tax return office. These areas are:

  • Preparing the return,
  • The signature process, and
  • Filing the return.

In general, when you prepare a paper return for your client you follow these steps:

  1. Request your client's tax information (either in person or via the mail):
  2. Complete your client's return.
  3. Provide your client with a copy of their return for review and instructions for signing and submitting the return to the IRS and the FTB.

With e-file, the process is very similar. One difference is that you now become the submitter of the return. This means that after your clients review and sign their returns, you are responsible for filing the returns with the IRS and the FTB.


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