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California e-file Common e-file Errors and Tips on Solving Them

Below are the most common errors issued during the 2013-processing year (taxable year 2012). Review them and the tips to avoid rejected returns this year.

Business Rule Description



Form W-2 withholding does not equal the amount shown on the return.
Tip: Compare the amount of withholding on the return to the total of the amounts shown on the Form W-2. The amounts should match.
F540/NR/NRS/2EZ-170 Electronic Signature (PIN) - Taxpayer's Prior Year AGI does not match FTB Records.
Tip: Double check the Taxpayer's Prior year AGI from last year's CA tax return or sign the e-file return using Form FTB 8453/8453-OL.
F540/NR/NRS/2EZ-180 The prior year AGI does not match FTB records, therefore you cannot sign your return electronically.
Tip: You can still e-file by signing Form 8453-OL



Taxpayer SSN or Spouse SSN has been previously used on an e-filed return.
Tip: To avoid sending duplicate, do not retransmit an accepted California return when re-transmitting a corrected federal return.


  • For one or a few rejected returns, do not retransmit the entire transmission file. Just retransmit the corrected California returns.
  • Please check the errors and confirm that you made corrections to the correct federal or state forms.
  • California is not a Fed/State e-file participant. Therefore, send two separate transmissions: one to IRS and one to FTB.
  • If we accept the return but the IRS rejects it, do not retransmit the California return. Correct and retransmit the federal return only. If the changes you make require a modification to the California return, please submit an Amended Individual Income Tax Return (Form 540X).
  • If you transmit a California return with an incorrect social security number and we accept the return, do not correct the SSN and retransmit the California return. Call our Tax Practitioner Hotline at 916.845.7057 to make the correction.