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State of California Franchise Tax Board

California e-file2016 Individual e-file Calendar

November 12, 2015

FTB begins accepting test transmissions (PATS Testing)

Testing will begin upon release of the Test Package for e-file of California Business, Fiduciary, and Individual Tax Returns (FTB Pub. 1436X).

January 4, 2016

First day to transmit live returns

April 15, 2016*

Last day to transmit timely-filed returns

*Due to the Emancipation Day holiday on April 16, 2016, tax returns filed and payments mailed or submitted on April 18, 2016, will be considered timely. If the balance is not paid by this date, penalties and interest may apply.

California state personal income tax returns have an automatic six-month extension date for timely filing.

All taxes owed must be paid by April 15. If the balance due is not paid by April 15, penalties and interest may apply.

April 23, 2016

Last day to retransmit rejected timely-filed returns

October 17, 2016

Last day to transmit timely filed current year returns on extension.

October 24, 2016

Last day to retransmit rejected current year returns filed on extension

December 31, 2016

Last day for EROs and transmitters to retain acknowledgment file material for returns e-filed in 2016

Remember: For each return an ERO files, the ERO must retain the return for four years from the due date of the return or for four years from the date the return is filed, whichever is later. If the ERO uses either the California e-file Return Authorization for Individuals form (FTB 8453) or the California e-file Signature Authorization for Individuals form (FTB 8879), they must keep the form with the return for the same period of time.


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