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Business Representative: How to Submit FTB Form 3520, Power of Attorney Declaration

To Submit FTB Form 3520, Power of Attorney Declaration, online, log in to MyFTB and follow the “How To” instructions below. If, once you’re logged into MyFTB, you need help with the page you’re on, select the “?” in the upper right corner of that particular page. If you need help with deciding what information to add to the online form, refer to the paper form’s instructions.

  • Select the Edit button to review and edit your taxpayer information for the declaration, if necessary.
  • Select the Next button.

  • Enter representative information for the declaration.
    * = required field
    Note: For the POA representative to access to your MyFTB account information, we recommend you use the representative’s PTIN. For the representative to receive email notification when we send you a notice, you must enter the representative’s Email address.
  • Select the Add button.

  • Select the Add Representative button to add additional representatives to the declaration, if applicable.
  •  Select the Next button.

  • Select the appropriate checkboxes for Tax Matters and to optionally include Nontax Matters.
  •  Select the Next button.

  • Select the appropriate checkboxes for Additional Privileges, if applicable.
  • Select the Next button.

  • Select the All Tax Years checkbox or the Add button to add calendar or fiscal and short period income years.
  • Select the Next button.

  • Select the checkbox to Revoke POA or Retain POA
    Note: If you do not see a prior POA that you want to retain, do not submit the Power of Attorney Declaration online and contact the Franchise Tax Board.
  • Select the Next button.

  • Review the information on the Summary page. 
  • In the Authorization of POA section, read the text and check the checkbox and enter your full name and title.
  • Select the Submit button.
Note: After you submit the POA, it displays as “Pending” in your authorized representative list. Your POA becomes effective after FTB review and approval. FTB will notify you if the POA is not approved.

  • Note the POA Declaration number.
  • Select the Return Home button to navigate back to the homepage .

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