Business Representative: How to Submit FTB Form 3520 BE, Power of Attorney Declaration

The preferred method to submit a Power of Attorney (POA) Declaration to Franchise Tax Board (FTB) is on MyFTB using the POA Wizard. If you need specific information on how to complete Form 3520 BE, refer to the form’s instructions.

To submit a Power of Attorney Declaration:

  • Log in to your MyFTB Business Representative account.
    • Once you’re logged into MyFTB, if you need help with the page you’re on, select the “?” in the upper right corner of that page.
  • Follow the “How To” instructions below.

Note: FTB no longer revokes prior overlapping POA declarations. Do not attach a copy of any prior POA you want to remain in effect. To revoke an existing POA declaration, log in to your MyFTB Business Representative account or submit Form 3520-RVK.

Business Entities, Add New Business, Name

Entity Overview, Services, File a Power of Attorney

  • Review your business entity’s information.
    • Select the Edit button to edit your business entity’s address and phone number.
         Note: If your business entity’s name or identification numbers are incorrect, you must contact us before filing the declaration.
  • Select the Next button.

File Power of Attorney, Taxpayer Information, Select Edit button, then Select Next button

  • Enter your representative's contact information and ID number(s).
       * = required field


    • Only Individuals may be named as representatives.
    • Provide your representative’s ID numbers to help us identify them. Provide all applicable ID numbers for your representative. If your representative does not have one of the ID’s listed, leave this section blank.
    • Provide your representative’s email address. We will notify each representative when there are documents in your MyFTB account that they can view.
  • Select the Add button.

File Power of Attorney, 2 Represtative Information, Enter Representative Information, Name, ID Numbers, Address, Phone and Fax, Email, select Add button

  • Select the Add New Representative button to list additional representatives on the declaration.
    Note: If you add multiple representatives to the declaration, you must select a Primary representative.
  • Select the Next button.

File Power of Attorney, 2 Representative Information, Select Add New Representative button, Select Next button

  • Select the applicable checkbox in the Authorization for All Years or Specific Years Your POA Declaration Covers section:
    • All Years checkbox (includes prior, current, and future years up to the expiration date (six years from the signature date or until it is revoked) of the POA declaration), skip to Step 9.
    • Specific Years checkbox (specific years designated).­­
      • Enter specific years or income periods on the next page.
      • Continue to Step 7.
  • Select the checkbox for any Additional Authorizations you would like to grant your representative. You may leave this section blank.
  • Select the Full or Limited radio button to grant your representative the level of Online Account Access to the business entity’s MyFTB account information.
    • Select Full to grant or retain Full Online Account Access for the representative(s) listed on this declaration. For more information about what the representative can view or actions they can take with each access level, see Online Account Access Levels.

Be Advised: This online account access level will apply to this POA and all POA and TIA relationships the business entity has with this representative as well as all relationships other representatives listed on this declaration have with this client. You can change your representative’s online account access level at any time.

  • Select the Nextbutton.

File Power of Attorney, 3 Authorizations, Authorization for All Years Your POA Declaration Covers, Additional Authorizations, seletec I grant my representative(s) the following level of online account access: Full or Limited, select next button

  • Enter the specific income periods you want covered by this POA declaration.

    Note: You may designate current, past, or future tax income periods that end no later than five years after the POA is submitted. The future income periods are determined starting after December 31 of the year the POA is submitted.

    • To designate:
      • A single income period, enter both the Beginning and Ending Date of the income period. The income period does not need to be a calendar year.
      • Multiple, sequential income periods, enter the earliest Beginning Date and the latest Ending Date.
      • Multiple, non-sequential income periods, enter the first income period or range of income periods. You will be able to add additional income periods on the next page.
  • Select the Add button.

Authorizations 3, Specific Tax Years or Income Periods, select Beginning Date and Ending Date, select Add button

  • Select Add to include additional income periods, if applicable.
  • Review the specific income periods you entered before continuing to the Summary page.
  • Select the Next button.

 File Power of Attorney, 3 Authorizations, Sepecific Tax Years or Income Periods, select Next button

  • Review the information you entered on the Summary page.
    • Select the Edit (Taxpayer, Representative, or Authorizations) Information link in the applicable section or use the Back button at the bottom of the page if you need to update the information.
  • In the Authorizations section, read the text, check the box, and enter your Name and Title as the person authorizing the POA declaration.
  • Select the Submit button.
Note: The POA will display as “Pending” in your Authorized Representative List. Your POA declaration becomes effective after we review and approve it.

File Power of Attorney, 4 Summary, Authorization of POA select boxes, Type Full Name, Title, select submit Button

  • Note the POA Declaration number displayed.
  • Select the Return Home button to navigate back to your homepage.

Note: We will notify the business entity and your POA representative(s) when we “Approve” or “Reject” the POA declaration. If we “Reject” the POA declaration, we will not process the online account access request. You can also check the status of your POA declaration on MyFTB on the business entity’s Authorized Representative List.

File Power of Attorney, Confirmation of POA Submission, select Return Home button

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