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Tax Professional: How To Renew a Tax Information Authorization (TIA) Client on the Client List

To renew a Tax Information Authorization (TIA) client on your Client List, log in to MyFTB and follow the “How To” instructions below. If, once you’re logged into MyFTB, you need help with the page you’re on, select the question mark ? in the upper right corner of that particular page.

Note: You may renew a client if more than 10 business days remain before the expiration date and more than 90 days have passed since you added or renewed the client.

  • Select Client List on the main navigation bar or in the Quick Links section.

Client List

Note: By default, all active individual clients display. To find specific clients, use the filter boxes at the top of each table column.

Search for Client
Select the Renew link
  • Check the boxes to acknowledge you read the penalty of perjury and notification statements.
  • Select the OK button.
Check the boxes after you read the acknowledments and select the
  • A confirmation message will display at the top of the Client List page letting you know your request is being processed.
Receive confirmation message after successfully renewing your client

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Last Updated: 03.22.2018