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Tax Professional: How to Add or Edit a Representative’s Email Address on an Active Power of Attorney (POA) Declaration

To Add or Edit a Representative's Email Address on an Active POA Declaration online, log in to MyFTB and follow the “How To” instructions below. If, once you’re logged into MyFTB, you need help with the page you’re on, select the “?” in the upper right corner of that particular page.

Select Client List on the main navigation bar or in the Quick Links section.

Client List

  • Select the type of client you want to search for
  • Select POA from the Relationship Type dropdown menu
  • Select the Search button

Note: The default displays up to 200 Individual clients. If your Individual client list exceeds 200, or you want to view Business or Fiduciary clients, update the search criteria and select the “Search” button.

Search for Client

View POA link in the Actions column

View Detail link

Manage Representatives

Select the Edit link in the Action column for the representative you want to edit.

Note: A representative can only edit their own information unless they have the Add Representative privilege on the POA Declaration. If there is only one representative listed on the POA Declaration, only the Edit link will display.

POA Declaration Representative

  • Select an existing email or select the Add New Email Address link
  • Enter the representative’s email address in the Email field.
    Note: The email address entered on this POA Declaration will be used for email notification when FTB sends your client a notice.
  • Select the Update link.

Representative Information

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Last Updated: 03.22.2018