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Tax Professional: How to Add a Tax Information Authorization (TIA) Client to My Client List

MyFTB gives you the ability to add Individual and Business Entity TIA clients to your Client List on MyFTB.

For information regarding the Client List, see How To:

To Add a TIA Client:

  • Log in to your MyFTBTax Professional account.
    • Once you’re logged into MyFTB, if you need help with the page you’re on, select the “?” in the upper right corner of that page.
  • Select Client List from your Main Navigation Menu or the Quick Links section on your Tax Professional Overview page.
  • Follow the “How To” instructions below.

  • To add a personal income tax client, select the Add TIA Individual Client button.
  • To add a business client, select the Add Business TIA Client button.

Note: Estate, Trust, and Nonresident Group Return client accounts are not available online at this time.

Add Client Type Step 1

  • Enter the required information about your client.
    * = required field.
    • For an Individual, this includes the taxpayer’s name, Social Security Number, and information from a previously filed California tax return.
    • For a Business Entity, this includes the company type, their account number and information from a previously filed California tax return.
  • Select the Full or Limited radio button to request the level of online account access to your client’s online information that you want. 

    Note: The online account access level requested will apply to this TIA and allPOA relationships you have with this client. To learn more about online account access levels, refer to MyFTB Tax Professional Online Account Accesses.

  • Check the boxes to acknowledge you read the penalty of perjury and notification statements.
  • Select the Submit button.

Enter Client Information Step 2

  • If the information matches our records, the client is immediately added to your Client List.

    Note: You cannot access the client’s account information until we approve the relationship and notify them. Once approved, the client will remain on your Client List for 13 months. Your client can view all activity you complete in their account.

  • If the information does not match our records, correct the information and try again. If the information entered is correct, call us.
  • Select the Return to Client List button to return to your Client List.

Note:  An acknowledgment letter will be sent to the taxpayer advising them that you have added them as a client through MyFTB and the level of online account access that you requested. The letter will include your individual name (we are not able to add a company or firm name), the date the TIA client relationship became active, and the number of active TIA relationships for the client.

If you requested Full online account access, your client will receive a separate letter with an authorization code to approve or deny your request. If they deny your request or do not use the code, you will retain Limited online account access. We recommend you notify your client that they will receive this letter from us.

Review Confirmation Step 3

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Last Updated: 02.22.2019