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Tax Professional: How To Request Full Online Account Access (Opt-In)

After June 24, 2018 when FTB approves a Power of Attorney (POA) or Tax Information Authorization (TIA) relationship you will automatically be granted Limited Online Account Access to your client’s MyFTB information. To receive Full Online Account Access (Opt-In) to your client’s MyFTB information, you must request it and your client must authorize the request. Go to our website for more information about what you can view or actions you can take with Limited vs. Full Online Account Access.

Note: POA and TIA relationships approved on or before June 24, 2018 will be “grandfathered in” and will retain Full Online Account Access until there is a break in the relationship (expired or revoked).

To request Full Online Account Access (Opt-In):

  • Log in to your MyFTB Tax Professional account.
    • Once you’re logged into MyFTB, if you need help with the page you’re on, select the “?” in the upper right corner of that page.
  • Select the client from your Client List.
  • Follow the “How To” instructions below.

  • Select the Request Full Access button on your client’s Taxpayer Overview page.

Request Full Access Button

  • The Authorization Code is always mailed to the taxpayer.
    • If your client has a MyFTB account, when you make a request for Full Online Account Access your client can immediately log in to their MyFTB account and authorize or deny the request (Authorization Code not needed if taxpayer logs in to their account).
    • If your client has a MyFTB account and has set their preferences to receive email and/or text notification, they will immediately receive the Authorization Code electronically.
    • If your client provides you with the Authorization Code, see How To Authorize Full Online Account Access (Taxpayer Provided Authorization Code) for step-by-step instructions on how to authorize Full Online Account Access on behalf of your client.

Note: To help expedite your authorization and prevent any delays, inform your client to expect this notice.

Notice Sent

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Last Updated: 07.13.2018