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Tax Professional: How to Manage My Associates List

To manage your Associates List online, log in to MyFTB and follow the “How To” instructions below. If, once you’re logged into MyFTB, you need help with the page you’re on, select the “?” in the upper right corner of that particular page.

The Associates List is a directory of other professional representatives that you can build and use to auto populate new or existing POA declarations. The Associates List page allows you to view, add, update, and remove associates. Up to 50 associates can be listed.

To remove an another representative from an active Power of Attorney (POA) declaration see: How To Remove a Representative on an Active Power of Attorney (POA) Declaration.

Changes made to your Associates List do not update your active POAs. To update an active POA see: How To Add or Edit a Representative’s Email Address on an Active Power of Attorney (POA) Declaration.

Select Maintain Associates List from the Profile dropdown menu

  • To update an associate, skip to Step 5.
  • To remove an associate, skip to Step 9.

Note: You can add up to 50 associates. If you reach the maximum number of associates, you must remove one before adding another.

Select the Add Associates button

  • Select the Add button.




  • The Update link in the Action column also navigates you to the Associate Detail page.
  • To find specific associates, select the Show Filter link to display the filter boxes at the top of each table column and enter your search criteria.



  • Select the Update button.




  • Note: Selecting Yes removes the associate only from your Associates List. To remove an associate from a POA, you must select that declaration and choose the Edit Representatives button.


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Last Updated: 03.22.2018