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State of California Franchise Tax Board

MyFTB for Businesses 2012 Winner Best of California

Coming in 2016!

We are enhancing MyFTB for businesses by adding more tax account information and online services.

In addition to the tax account information available today, the enhanced MyFTB will also include the following:

  • More account information:
    • View account balance and tax year details.
    • Update your contact information.
    • View a list of tax returns and images of tax returns.
    • View notices and correspondence.
    • View proposed assessments.
    • View a list of authorized representatives (tax preparer or a tax preparer with a power of attorney) who can access your account.
    • View a list of activities that occurred on your account, such as the last time you or your authorized representative accessed your account.
  • More online services:
    • Calculate a balance due for a date in the future.
    • File a power of attorney (POA).
    • File a nonresident withholding waiver request.
    • Protest a proposed assessment.
  • More options to communicate with us:
    • Chat with an FTB representative about confidential matters.
    • Send a secure message with attachments to FTB.

In 2015

For the remainder of 2015, we disabled the ability to register for a MyFTB account while we enhance our registration process. We will reactivate online registration in January 2016 when we launch our enhanced version of MyFTB.

If you have an existing MyFTB account, you can continue to log in through 2015 and view the following information in MyFTB Account for Businesses:

  • View estimated income tax payments before filing your return.
  • Verify the exact entity name to use when filing a return.

Beginning in 2016, business representatives must re-register to create a new MyFTB account. For more information, go to account registration.

Chat with an FTB Representative