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State of California Franchise Tax Board

Installment Agreement - Apply Online

New feature for 2012

  • Verify your eligibility status while submitting your request for an Installment Agreement online.

Tips for working online

  • Use a compatible browser and operating system.
  • Do not open the application in multiple browser tabs to avoid errors.
  • When you leave the application, log out and close your browser for the highest security.

Taxpayer installment agreement conditions

  • You are unable to pay the liability in full.
  • Pay by electronic funds withdrawal.
  • Maintain adequate funds in your account.
  • File all future tax returns timely.
  • Pay all future income tax balances timely.
  • Pay a $34 installment agreement fee. We will add the fee to your balance due. (The fee amount is subject to change without further notice.)
  • Make sure that the withholding rates for Forms DE 4 and W-4 on file with your employer are correct. If they are incorrect, file new forms with your employer to adjust your withholdings.
  • If you receive income from sources other than wages, make estimated tax payments if they are required.
  • If you are requesting an installment agreement for a tax liability greater than $10,000, and/or for a period longer than 36 months, you must certify that you have a financial hardship.

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