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State of California Franchise Tax Board

Installment Agreement - Apply Online

Gather your information
Online installment agreement (IA) terms and conditions
Tips for working online
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Gather your information

Have the following information available before you apply:

  • Social security number.
  • The amount and tax years you owe.
  • Your bank account number and routing number.

Online Installment Agreement terms and conditions

  • Payment – Make timely monthly payments until your tax liability is paid in full.
  • Payment method – Pay by electronic funds withdrawal.
  • Funds – Maintain adequate funds in your bank account.
  • Tax returns – File all required valid personal income tax returns timely.
  • Future balances - Pay all future income tax balances timely.
  • Fee –Pay a $34 IA fee, which will be added to your balance due.
  • Withholding – Confirm that the wage withholding rates for Forms DE 4 and W-4 on file with your employer will withhold enough state income tax to pay your liability for your next state income tax return.
  • Estimated tax payments – Make any required estimated tax payments.
  • Certify financial hardship - If your tax liability exceeds $10,000 or the installment period for payment exceeds 36 months, then you must certify you have a financial hardship.

If you have a current Order to Withhold, Continuous Order to Withhold, or Earnings Withholding Order for Taxes, call us.

Only one installment agreement request may be made online in a 12 month period. 

Tips for working online

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