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State of California Franchise Tax Board

New Employment Credit—Annual Certification of Employment—Information You Need to Complete the Certification

Employer information

  • Name of business.
  • Type of entity (Corporation, Partnership, Individual, etc.).
  • Employer's ID (California Corporation number, FEIN, Social Security number, etc.).
  • Taxable year end.
  • Gross receipts of business for previous taxable year (estimates can be used).
  • Type of business (NAICS classification).
  • Business contact name and phone number.

Employee information

  • Employee’s name.
  • Social security number.
  • Address where the employee works (this location needs to be in the DGA).
  • Whether or not this address is in a designated pilot area.
  • Hire date.
  • Hourly rate of pay.
  • Average number of hours the employee will work per week.

Paid preparer information, if applicable

  • Preparer name.
  • Preparer ID.
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