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Public Meeting Agenda

Franchise Tax Board Meeting*
Tuesday, July 6, 1999 - 9:30 a.m. -11:30 a.m.
State Board of Equalization
450 N Street, Room 121*
Sacramento, CA 95814

Open Session


Item 1. Approval of Minutes

Approval of Minutes of the March 23, 1999 Board meeting.

Item 2. Legislative Matters

    1. Legislative Proposal 99-50 – Deficiency Assessments.
    2. Bills for Position.

Item 3. Regulation Matters

    1. Status Report on Pending Regulations: Proposed Regulations 25128, 25128-1 and 25128-2 (Sales Factor), Proposed Regulations 25106.5, -2, -3, -4, -9, and -10 (Combined Report Mechanics), Proposed Regulations 19041 and 19044 (Protests), Discussion Draft Regulation 25106.5-1 (Combined Report Mechanics – Intercompany Transactions), Discussion Draft Regulation 25137(b) (Property Factor – Nonjurisdictional) and Discussion Draft Regulation 25137(c) (Sales Factor – Occasional Sale of Intangible Assets).
    2. Proposed Regulations 17252.5-1, 17265-1, 17266-1, 17267.2-1, 24356.2-1, 24356.3-1, 24356.4-1, 24356.7-1 (Recapture of Deduction for Qualified Property Previously Used). Authorization to proceed.
    3. Proposed Regulation 17951-4 (Income Sourcing). Authorization to proceed.
    4. Proposed Regulation 25106.5, -2 (Combined Report Mechanics - Joyce application, Tax Credits, Capital Loss Carryovers). Board consideration and action.
    5. Proposed Regulation 23334 (Tax Clearance Certificate). Authorization to proceed.

Item 4. Administrative Matters

  1. Budget Matters
    1. Status of FY 1999/00 Budget.

      • Finance Letters – Status report.
      • Legislative Actions – Status report.

    2. FY 2000/01 Budget Development – Consideration of Potential Budget Change Proposals: Workload Growth, Planning Estimate Adjustment, Legal Branch Program Maintenance, Integrated Nonfiler Compliance Project, ARCS Project, HRA Augmentation, Limited Liability Company Project, Court Ordered Debt Program, Network Backbone Upgrade, Financial Institutions Data Match Project, Data Center UPS Replacement, Enterprise Duplex Printing System, PASS Integration, Investigation Program Expansion, Taxpayer Bill of Rights II – Annual Taxpayer Billing Notices, New Voluntary Contribution Funds.

  2. Facility Action Requests (Form 9): Telephone Room, Reproduction Services, Printer Room, Office Alterations.
  3. Contract - Annual Network Wiring Contract

Item 5. Consideration of State Office Building Adjacent to FTB Headquarters

Item 6. Executive Officer's Time

Item 7. Board Members' Time

Employee Recognition Resolutions for Board approval. (Melody Aasletten, Clark Allen, Vadonna Carlson, William Caul, Eileen Cartwright, Mark Cole, Sheryl Ellis, Kent H. Evans, Frank Franco, Kathy Gipson, Janet Hammond, Barbara Hanson, Betty Kellogg, Emilio Martinez, Karl Munz, Lyle Nicholas, Irma Oliver, Douglas Patrick, Kerry Schultz, Cheryl Shaw, Kay Smith, Ina Tuck, Joan Weber, Josephine Willey, Meredith Wyatt)

Item 8. Closed Session Announcement


Closed Session

Item A. Closed session to consider recommendations regarding settlement of administrative tax disputes authorized by subdivision (k) and (q) of Section 11126 of the Government Code, and/or required to be in closed session by Section 19442 of the Revenue and Taxation Code.

Item B. Closed session to consider recommendations to settle litigation cases and to allow the Board to confer with and receive advice from legal counsel regarding pending litigation. Closed session is authorized by Government Code Section 11126(e)(1).

Item C. Closed session to discuss and act on Personnel Matters. Closed session is authorized by Government Code Section 11126(a)(1).


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