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State of California Franchise Tax Board

Analysis of Senate Bills 2015/2016 Session

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Senate Bills

SB 17 - (Monning, et al.) California Sea Otter Fund/Extend Repeal Date to January 1, 2021
Analysis - Introduced 12/01/14
SB 31 - (Gaines) Personal Exemption Credit/Increase to $652 for Each Dependent
Analysis - Introduced 12/01/14
SB 35 - (Wolk & Dodd) Disaster Loss Deduction/August 2014, Napa, Solano, and Sonoma Counties
Analysis - Introduced 12/01/14
SB 38 - (Liu) Earned Income Tax Credit/15 Percent of Federal Credit
Analysis - Introduced 12/01/14
SB 201 - (Wieckowski) California Public Records Act/Disclosure of Public Records to Third Party
Analysis - Introduced 02/10/15
SB 280 - (Stone) State Agencies Provide Secure Electronic Method for Officers & Employees Enrolled in Direct Deposit to Receive Statement of Earnings & Deductions
Analysis - Introduced 02/19/15
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Senate Special Session Bills

There are no Senate Special Session Bills posted at this time.

Senate Constitutional Amendments

There are no Senate Constitutional Amendments posted at this time.
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