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Disclosure Manual - Table of Contents

1000 Confidentiality and Security of Data

Purpose of Provisions Prohibiting the Disclosure of Confidential Information

1100 Confidential Information Defined

General Statement

1110 Personal Income Tax Return Information
1120 Confidentiality Provisions
1130 Bank and Corporation Tax Return Information
1131 Confidentiality Provisions
1132 Bank and Corporation Tax Return
1133 Exempt Corporations
1140 Federal Tax Return Information
1150 Homeowner and Renter Assistance Claim Information
1151 Definition of a Property Tax and Renter Assistance Claim
1160 Political Reform Audit Report Information

1200 Personnel Records

General Statement

1210 Definition of a Personnel Record
1220 Confidentiality Provisions
1230 Personnel Information that may be disclosed to the Public

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2000 Authorized Disclosure of Information - General

General Statement

2010 Requests for Federal Income Tax Return Information
2110 Individuals
2112 Partnerships
2113 Estates
2114 Trusts
2120 Banks and Corporations
2130 Homeowner and Renter Assistance Claims (HRA)

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3000 Disclosure Procedures and Responsibilities

3050 Format of Written Requests
3051 Written Requests From Data Subjects (taxpayers, claimants, or employees)
3052 Written Requests From Authorized Representatives of Data Subjects
3053 Written Requests From Third Parties (anyone other than taxpayers and their authorized representatives)
3100 Requests from FTB to other Third Parties
3200 Disclosure of Information to Data Subject (taxpayers/claimants/employees) and Their Authorized Representatives
3300 Special Reporting Procedures
3400 Research Requests

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4000 Information Practices Act of 1977 (IPA)

General Requirements

4020 Amendment or Correction of Records
4050 Federal Privacy Act
4100 Responsibility
4200 Exemptions from Access
4300 Information That Will Not Be Disclosed
4400 Fees for Copies

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5000 Requests for Information Under the California Public Records Act

General Statement


5100 Contacting the Disclosure Officer
5200 Procedures For Handling Requests For Public Records
5210 Request at Headquarters Office
5220 All Other Requests
5230 Fees for Copies

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