VITA - Final Exam

Welcome to the Final Exam. This exam is a cumulative review of all the sections available in the Volunteer Reference Manual. This exam is graded at the end of the exam and you must pass the exam with a score of 70% or greater to be approved as a VITA volunteer. We urge you to please review all of your answers before submitting the test for grading. If you do not pass this exam, you may take it again at any time. All questions are random so you will not receive the same exact test the next time, so please be sure to review all the section material before attempting the final exam again.

Upon successfully completing the VITA online certification, you will be presented with the option to print a certificate of completion for you to provide to the volunteer site coordinator.

1.  Contributions do not reduce the amount of a taxpayer's refund.

2.  On the California return, blind and senior taxpayers may

3.  To claim the exemption credits when using the software, you must:

4.  Voluntary contributions on the return must be made in increments of:

5.  If in doubt whether there is a filing requirement, file a return.

6.  FTB Form 8879 should be kept with the client's tax records.

7.  How many rules must you check to qualify for the California Child and Dependent Care Credit?

8.  Under what circumstances is an additional personal exemption credit claimed?

9.  On the FTB Schedule CA (540) a Column C adjustment is

10.  Refunds of less than one dollar will:

11.  California does not conform to the part of the Federal Mortgage Relief Act that allows a surviving spouse to exclude $500,000 of gain on the sale of a personal residence.

12.  When using software, where is the information on blindness input?

13.  California has a paperless extension to file a return until which date?

14.  California does not tax

15.  A return must be filed if filing single, with 0 dependents and the California Adjusted Gross Income is more than

16.  Generally, interest on loans from utility companies is a valid California itemized deduction.

17.  You must attach IRS 1040 to the state return when:

18.  When filing a joint return always enter the social security numbers in the same order as the names on the return.

19.  Tax from Schedule G-1 is beyond the scope of the volunteer program.

20.  The exemption credit is:

21.  If your client has multiple last names, use the last name listed on their social security card

22.  The standard deduction amount for Married Filing Joint, Head of Household and Qualifying Widow(er) is?

23.  VITA/TCE training provides software instruction on estimated tax payments.

24.  Unemployment, social security, railroad retirement, US Savings Bonds, state tax refunds and California Lottery winnings are

25.  IRA distributions are generally taxed the same by federal and state unless

26.  Qualifications and directions for completing FTB Form 3506 are in which section of the Volunteer Reference Manual?

27.  If there are no estimate penalties assessed on the return, then no penalty is due.

28.  What options does a California taxpayer have to make estimate payments?

29.  The 2013 standard deduction for married filing joint returns is $7,628.

30.  If line 37, Column C, of the FTB Schedule CA (540) is a negative number you must:

31.  FTB Schedule CA(540),line 8,Column A,includes $80 interest from US Savings Bonds for a total of $200 interest income. On the FTB Schedule CA (540)

32.  What are the differences between federal and state treatment of Health Savings Accounts?

33.  Social Security benefits and railroad retirement are

34.  Health Savings Accounts are part of the 2013 volunteer program scope.

35.  What must be determined before you can compute the taxable portion of a pension or annuity?

36.  If a dependent's Gross Income from all sources is greater than the standard deduction they must:

37.  When doing an e-filed return, the client must sign and mail Form 8879 to Franchise Tax Board.

38.  Which policy determines the quality review process?

39.  Most exceptions to the same filing status for federal and state rule are

40.  State income or sales tax deductions do not affect the California return because:

41.  What special credit codes are no longer available, unless the client has a carryover from a previous tax year?

42.  An additional exemption credit is allowed:

43.  Calfornia AGI for married filing joint taxpayers, with no dependents, both under 65 creates a filing requirement if

44.  For California income tax, references to a spouse, a husband, or a wife also refer to a Registered Domestic Partner (RDP).

45.  If your taxable income is $2,000 and your filing status is 1 your California Tax is?

46.  FTB Form 8879 should be kept with taxpayer records.

47.  Real estate withholding is reported on which form?

48.  To qualify for nonrefundable renters credit your client must pay rent

49.  What makes the FTB 540 2EZ tax tables different from the tax tables included in this manual?

50.  When using the software, which box must be checked on the W2G to correctly treat California Lottery winnings on the California return?