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State of California Franchise Tax Board

Liens - Notice of State Tax Lien

How to resolve

Pay your balance and get your lien released

To get a lien released, pay the total tax liability (including any penalties and accrued interest) for the tax years represented on the lien.

View payment options

In a real estate transaction? Your escrow, title, or mortgage company will need to submit an eDemand Lien Payoff Request.

Remove a lien from your credit bureau report

You must contact the credit bureau agencies directly to modify or to remove a lien from your credit bureau report.

Lien filed in error

If we file or record a lien in error, we will:

  • Release a lien as filed in error to the applicable county recorder’s office or California Secretary of State.
  • Notify the credit bureau agencies and ask them to remove the lien from your credit bureau report.

Get a copy of a lien or release of lien

Contact the county where the lien was recorded or released.


If you filed bankruptcy, contact us immediately by phone 916.845.4750 or fax 916.845.9799.

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