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State of California Franchise Tax Board

Identity Theft


Identity theft is someone else using your personal information (such as your name, social security number, and credit card number) for an unlawful purpose.

Identity theft affects tax records

Generally, identity theft can affect your tax records if someone else:

  • Reports wages using your social security number.
  • Uses your SSN to obtain a fraudulent tax refund.

How to resolve tax-related identity theft issues

Follow the instructions in FTB 3552 Identity Theft Affidavit and be prepared to send copies of the following documents to us, if available:

  • Passport
  • Driver license or Department of Motor Vehicles identification card
  • Social security card
  • Police report
  • Internal Revenue Service letter of determination

California driver license or State ID for e-filing

This filing season Franchise Tax Board (FTB), along with many state revenue agencies, is requesting additional information for electronically filed tax returns. This is an additional effort to combat stolen-identity tax fraud and protect you and your tax refund.

We ask that you provide the requested California driver license or state-issued identification card information when completing your tax return. Providing this information is voluntary. We will not reject your return if you do not provide the requested driver license or state-issued identification information. However, providing this information may help us to process your tax return more quickly.

Contact us - ID Theft Resolution Coordinator

Important – We do not send emails asking for personal taxpayer information. If you receive this type of request, do not respond. It may be an attempt from identity thieves to get your private tax information.

Franchise Tax Board
ID Theft Resolution Coordinator MS A232
PO BOX 2952
Sacramento, CA 95812-2952

Telephone: 916.845.3669
Fax: 916.843.0561


Contact the agencies below for more information.

Agency Website
California Office of Privacy Protection | Get the Identity Theft Victim Checklist.
California Office of the Attorney General
U.S. Postal Inspection Service
Federal Trade Commission

Request your free annual credit report. Go to or call 877.322.8228.

Three major credit reporting agencies are:

Credit Reporting Company Website
Trans Union
Chat with an FTB Representative