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State of California Franchise Tax Board

Electronic Services for Head of Household (HOH) Filers

The information below is for the 2014 tax year and prior. To get information about the 2015 Head of Household process, go to What's New for Head of Household Filing Status for 2015.

If you electronically file your tax return and claim the head of household filing status, you can also provide us with your head of household qualification information on an electronic questionnaire.

The questions on the electronic questionnaire are identical to the head of household audit questionnaire we send to selected taxpayers. When you send a completed questionnaire with your electronic return, you enable us to validate your head of household filing status, and you won’t have to respond to an audit letter later.

Audit Letter Web Response

If you receive an HOH Audit Letter, you may complete the audit questionnaire online by accessing the Audit Letter Web Response application.

You will need the FTB ID number found on the first page of the audit letter and your social security number. It will not be necessary to mail or fax a paper copy to us.

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