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You can prepare and E-File your Federal and California return for FREE If you lived and worked in California during the entire year.

I-CAN!® E-File can help you prepare and E-File your taxes. Just answer simple questions on each screen and I-CAN!® E-File will complete your tax return.

You can generally use I-CAN!® E-File unless you (or your spouse, if filing together) are in the military, are a church employee, are a non-resident alien, sold real estate or you or your employer have a non-US address.

Under additional services, all of those items I checked Printing, online chat support, storage of data for future years and downloading tax returns are free.



I-CAN! will e-file your Federal and state return for FREE regardless of your income amount.

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  • Print and E-file your California and Federal returns for free.
  • Email and Online Chat available in English and Spanish.
  • Use the standard deduction or itemize.

Additional Services

  • Printing
  • Customer Service / Technical Support
  • Storage of data for future years
  • Additional W-2's and 1099's
  • Downloading
  • Professional review
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  • NA
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