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State of California Franchise Tax Board

Audit and Taxation

Salaries, Career Ladder and Minimum Qualifications

Our Auditor series includes two entry-level classifications: (1) Tax Auditor, Range A, and (2) Tax Auditor, Range B. The Associate Tax Auditor is a promotional classification.

After becoming an Associate Tax Auditor, you can go into management by following the Administrator series, or become a technical tax specialist by following the Program Specialist series.

Tax Auditor Series
(Can promote to the Administrator series or the Technical Tax Specialist series.)
Classification Salary range
Associate Tax Auditor $4619 – $5897
Tax Auditor, Range B $3841 – $4903
Tax Auditor, Range A $3106 – $3966
Administrator Series
Classification Salary range
Administrator III $6775 – $7842
Administrator II $5573 – $7113
Administrator I $5076 – $6476
Technical Tax Specialist Series
Classification Salary range
Program Specialist III $6775 – $7842
Program Specialist II $5573 – $7113
Program Specialist I $5076 – $6476

Minimum Qualifications

Tax Auditor, Range A


  • Accounting degree; OR
  • Completion of 19 semester units of college courses, including 16 semester units of accounting coursework, which must include all of the following classes:
    • Elementary and Advanced Accounting
    • Cost Accounting
    • Auditing
    • Business Law

Tax Auditor, Range B

Same education requirements as Tax Auditor, Range A;


Work Experience

  • One year of experience performing professional accounting or auditing duties at a level equivalent to a Tax Auditor, Range A; OR
  • Two years of experience outside of California state service performing professional tax accounting, tax consulting and planning, or auditing work.

Visit the Department of Personnel Administration (DPA) Website for the complete minimum qualifications.

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