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Information Technology

Salaries, Career Ladder, and Minimum Qualifications

  • FTB’s entry level IT classification is the Information Systems Technician.
  • System Software Specialists work in positions such as System, Database, and Network Administrators.
  • Information Systems Analysts typically handle IT’s business side, working with customers on a variety of IT projects.
  • Programmers perform system architecture, analysis, design, coding, and testing functions.
  • After you reach the Associate level, you can also promote into the Data Processing Manager series.
Computer Operations Series
(Can promote to Data Processing Manager Series.)
Classification Salary range
Computer Operations Supervisor II $4663 - $6081
Computer Operations Specialist II $4390 - $5772
Computer Operations Supervisor I $3880 - $5042
Computer Operations Specialist I $3654 - $4803
Computer Operator $2593 - $4024
Data Processing Manager Series
Classification Salary range
Data Processing Manager IV $8182 - $9756
Data Processing Manager III $7442 - $8872
Data Processing Manager II $6115 - $8038
Data Processing Manager I $5560 - $7311
Information Systems Analyst Series
Classification Salary range
Senior Information Systems Analyst Supervisor $6116 - $8039
Senior Information Systems Analyst Specialist $5824 - $7655
Staff Information Systems Analyst Supervisor $5560 - $7311
Staff Information Systems Analyst Specialist $5295 - $6963
Associate Information Systems Analyst Supervisor $5071 - $6669
Associate Information Systems Analyst Specialist $4829 - $6350
Assistant Information Systems Analyst $3247 - $5280
Information Systems Technician Series
(Can promote to the Systems Software Specialist series, the Associate Programmer Analyst Series, and the Associate Information Systems Analyst series.)
Classification Salary range
Information Systems Technician Supervisor II $4663 - $6081
Information Systems Technician Specialist II $4390 - $5772
Information Systems Technician Supervisor I $3880 - $5042
Information Systems Technician Specialist I $3654 - $4803
Information Systems Technician $2593 - $4024
Programmer Series
(Can promote to the Data Processing Manager or
the Systems Software Specialist Series.)
Classification Salary range
Senior Programmer Analyst Supervisor $6116 - $8039
Senior Programmer Analyst Specialist $5824 - $7655
Staff Programmer Analyst Supervisor $5560 - $7311
Staff Programmer Analyst Specialist $5295 - $6963
Associate Programmer Analyst Specialist $4829 - $6350
Programmer II $4217 - $5542
Programmer I $3410 - $4401
Systems Software Specialist Series
Classification Salary range
Systems Software Specialist III Supervisor $6708 - $8817
Systems Software Specialist III Technical $6388 - $8396
Systems Software Specialist II Supervisor $6105 - $8027
Systems Software Specialist II Technical $5814 - $7642
Systems Software Specialist I Technical $5294 - $6962
Associate Systems Software Specialist Technical $4821 - $6333
Telecommunications Engineer Series
Classification Salary range
Supervising Telecommunications Engineer $9659 - $12094
Senior Telecommunications Engineer $8141 - $10190
Associate Telecommunications Engineer $7125 - $8915
Assistant Telecommunications Engineer $5770 - $7222

Salaries shown are effective 7/21/15. See the current CalHR Civil Service Pay Scale here.

Minimum Qualifications

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