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State of California Franchise Tax Board



In our Collections program, you will play a key role in taxpayer education and customer service while using the latest technology.

The following classifications are entry-level positions into a collections career:

Tax Technicians

As a Tax Technician, you will:

  • Perform tasks related to tax and non-tax law, regulation, and policy enforcement.
  • Analyze taxpayer accounts and determine appropriate action.
  • Communicate with taxpayers through correspondence, incoming phone calls, or in person to educate and resolve collection problems.

We provide you with formal and on-the-job training to help you master the skills and knowledge required to successfully perform the job and prepare for promotion to professional positions. We encourage you to get additional outside education to advance to the Compliance Representative classification.

Compliance Representatives

As a Compliance Representative, you will:

  • Perform a variety of collection functions.
  • Assist individuals, business entities, and taxpayer representatives to resolve delinquent accounts.
  • Collect delinquent non-tax debts such as vehicle registration, industrial health and safety, and court-ordered debts.
  • Work as a collector, using many tools and techniques, such as networked personal computers and the Internet.

You may also have the opportunity to work as a business analyst, trainer, computer programmer, or team lead.

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