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State of California Franchise Tax Board

Changes to 2006 Form

Updates to 2006 Form 540 2EZ Booklet

Revision Date: 12/27/2007

Revision Details: To correct the amount that is added to a taxpayer's earned income in the standard deduction worksheet. This enables the taxpayer to figure their correct standard deduction if they can be claimed as a dependent by another taxpayer.

  • This update is located on Page 5, first column, question 1.

It should read:

Add $300 to the amount on line 1.

The revised form is available for download.

2006 Update to Form 540 2EZ Booklet

Revision Date: 12/15/06

Revision Details: Form 540 2EZ Booklet

Incorrect address provided in the Instructions for the 540 2EZ. The address was stated correctly on the form.

  • Page 10, Form 540 2EZ flat; page 10, 540 2EZ Booklet:

It should read:

PO BOX 942867
SACRAMENTO CA 94267-0001

The revised internet version is available for download.

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