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State of California Franchise Tax Board

Changes to 2005 Forms

2005 Updates to Publication 1098

Revision Date: 02/10/2005

Revision Details: Tax Practitioner Guidelines for Computer-Prepared Returns

A revision is required to Page 15, in the instructions for the sample Schedule W-2 CG. This clarifies the forms to be attached to the schedule.

It should read:

Caution: If your Form(s) W-2 are from multiple states, or this schedule is not filled out, only use this schedule to attach copies of your Form(s) W-2, 592-B, 593-B, 594, and 1099 showing CA tax withheld, to it. Attach this schedule directly behind Side 2 of your return.

This revision is required within all software copies of the W-2 CG but you do not have to re-submit your form for review. Software developers utilize this schedule and a corrected format has been provided to them.

The revised internet version is available for download.

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