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State of California Franchise Tax Board

Changes to 2004 Forms

2004 Updates to FTB 3801 Instructions

Revision Date: 06/29/2007

Revision Details:This revision is needed so that the taxpayer reports the correct amount of passive activity loss on the correct form, which is needed to arrive at the correct amount of net income after state adjustments for an S Corporation.

Page 4 of 2004 3801 Instructions; Page 571 of Package X

  • Page 4 of instructions, first column, under S Corporations, number 4, last bullet

It should read:

If the result is negative, enter the result on Form 100S, line 13 as a positive amount.

If the taxpayers followed our current instruction they may report their passive activity loss for an S corporation on a C corporation's form.

The internet version is available for download.

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