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State of California Franchise Tax Board

Changes to 2003 Forms

2003 Updates to Form 592 Series-Instructions for Forms 592, 592-A, and 592-B

Revision Date:05/11/2007

Revision Details:
This revision is being done to remove the phone number that is referenced in the instructions under Magnetic Media Filing. Withholding Services and Compliance (WSCS) used personal phone lines that went directly to a staff person on prior year forms. This phone number no longer belongs to WSCS and now belongs to a PIT Auditor. A revision is being made to remove this phone number from the instructions, referring the filer to FTB Publication 1023F only, as is done on the current 2006 form.

Page 2, Form 592, 592-A, and 592-B flat; page 408, package X

  • 2003 Instructions for Form 592, 592-A, and 592-B, page 2, column 3, Heading I: Magnetic Media Filing, last sentence

It should read:

For more information on magnetic media, get FTB Publication 1023F, Nonresident Withholding Magnetic Media Guidelines.

This change does not impact tax liability.
The revised internet version is available for download.

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