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Changes to 2003 Forms

2003 Updates to Form 3805Q

Revision Date: 01/29/2004

Revision Details: Form 3805Q, Net Operating Loss (NOL) Computation and NOL and Disaster Loss Limitation - Corporation

The revision relates to the disaster codes. Code 22 was renamed and code 23 was added to the list (new disaster code). Form 3805Q and instructions did not include information regarding disaster code 23, since code 23 was created after the form had been finalized.

  • Form 3805Q, Part II, Current Year NOLs, line 3 2003, column (b)

It should read:

22 and/or 23

  • Form 3805Q, Part III - 2003 Disaster Loss deduction, line 1,

It should read:

1 Total amounts in Part II, line 2, column (f). Enter the total here and......

  • Instructions, Page 3, Part II, 2nd column, Prior Year NOLs, Column (b), Disaster Codes Table

It should read:

Year      Code      Event
2003       23         San Simeon earthquakes *
2003       22         Southern California Fires and other related casualties*

  • Instructions, Page 3, Part II, 3rd column, Line 3 - Current year Disaster Loss, 5th bullet

It should read:

In column (b), enter the disaster code 22 and/or 23; and

The revision appears on Form 3805Q, page 1 and in the instructions page 3; in pages 37 and 40 of 100 Booklet; pages 39 and 42 of 100S Booklet; pages 41 and 44 of 100W Booklet; and pages 81 and 84 of the Package X.

The revised internet version is available for download.

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