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State of California Franchise Tax Board

Changes to 2003 Forms

2003 Updates to Publication 1032

Revision Date: 09/17/2004

Revision Details: Revision of FTB Publication 1032, Tax Information for Military Personnel, is due to the enactment of SB 615. New language is being added to the instructions.

These revisions are due to the chaptering of SB 615, (Stat. 2004, CH 388).The revisions are required on the stand-alone 2003 FTB Publication 1032

  • All pages have numerous changes/additions relating to the enactment of SB 615. Please review the document for changes.

Some of the highlights are as follows:

  • "What's Changed" language was added to explain that SB 615 excludes from gross income the military compensation of a servicemember domiciled outside of California.
  • Amended Return information added.
  • Information added for nonresident military personnel domiciled outside of California.
  • More examples provided.

Unrelated to SB 615 is the correction of the income limitations on the filing requirement chart.

Income exclusion will decrease total tax liability.
The revised internet version is available for download.

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