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State of California Franchise Tax Board

Draft Forms

Below are our draft forms. When we finalize these forms, we remove them from this page and post them on our Form Locator.

This draft page lets you view our forms before we publish them. Please give us your comments or suggestions about our forms.

Form # Form Name Post Date
593-V Form 2016 Payment Voucher for Real Estate Withholding 08/21/2015
1115 Form 2015 Request for Consent for a Water’s-Edge Re-Election 08/21/2015
1117 Form 2015 Request to Terminate Water’s-Edge Election 08/21/2015
3522 Form 2016 Limited Liability Company Tax Voucher 08/12/2015
3536 Form 2016 Estimated Fee for LLCs 08/13/2015
3537 (LLC) Form 2015 Payment for Automatic Extension for LLCs 08/13/2015
3538 (565) Form 2015 Payment for Automatic Extension for LPs, LLPs, and REMICs 08/13/2015
3574 Form 2015 Special Election for Business Trusts and Certain Foreign Single Member LLCs 08/12/2015
3587 Form 2015 Payment Voucher for LP, LLP, and REMIC e-filed Returns 08/13/2015
3588 Form 2015 Payment Voucher for LLC e-filed Returns 08/11/2015
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