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This is a free-for-all system. It employs a combination interview/forms approach, Federal forms, California Short or Long Form, Resident or Non-Resident/Part-Year; forms are displayed and can be printed. The software is downloaded and the taxpayer can prepare their returns with no information transfer to any outside entity. Taxpayers can create (and efile) multiple tax returns and can create "what-if" scenarios. Email, Online Chat and, perhaps more importantly, Phone Support is available. Upon taxpayer request, Federal and California transmissions of encrypted returns are uploaded to UDS server and efiled; taxpayers automatically check transmission status. There are no charges and no advertisements or pop-ups of any kind.



Free for all returns. There are no charges.
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Taxpayers can migrate a previous year’s UDS tax return to the current tax year. The migration would populate a taxpayer's current-year tax return with a taxpayer's previous year UDS tax return which is automatically updated to reflect current tax-year tax-code changes. Alternatively, taxpayers can create a new tax return with a UDS free preparation and efiling service.


  • Print and efile your Federal and California return(s)
  • Private and secure; data exists only on your computer prior to taxpayer-requested encrypted transmission(s)
  • Taxpayer has total control
    • Create and efile multiple returns
    • Create "what-if" scenarios
  • No data transfer
    • Only taxpayer-requested transmission of encrypted return(s)
      ** encrypted data uploaded upon taxpayer request for e-file
    • Taxpayer-requested program version updates
    • Taxpayer-requested Online Chat or Email
    • Taxpayer-requested phone support
      ** encrypted data uploaded prior to phone support
    • Taxpayer-requested transmission status reports
  • Encrypted returns stored for future-year migration
Additional Services (For free product only)
Services Cost
Printing $0
Service/technical support $0
Storage of data for future years $0
Additional W-2's and 1099's $0
Downloading $0
Professional review N/A

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