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The tax software for all of us

Over 75 million people trust Credit Karma® to help them build and make the most of their credit. Credit Karma Tax™ is committed to making tax filing easy, free, and secure for all.

100% free from start to finish

File your federal and state taxes totally free of charge, with a maximum refund guarantee. Credit Karma Tax™ never charges for forms, filing or your refund. There are no hidden fees or upsells.



  • Forms, itemizations and more
    Credit Karma Tax™ handles the most common forms - and even some of the less common ones - and never charges you to use them. That includes Itemized Deductions, Tuition and Fees Deduction, Miscellaneous Income and more.


  • Maximum refund - If you’re expecting a refund, they'll make sure you get the maximum back, guaranteed. All the credits and deductions they help you uncover can really add up.
  • Guided questions - Answer simple questions about the past year, and Credit Karma Tax™ will identify the right forms to build your return. You can review things as you go.
  • Tax dashboard - Credit Karma Tax™ tracks your credits, deductions and refund in one handy checklist that shows what's left to do.
  • Help along the way - Get tips as you go, check out helpful articles, and chat online 24/7. Free support when you need it is part of the package.
  • Click and Fill - Take a picture of your W-2, they'll use it to fill in your return. Just tap or click to confirm the info is correct.
  • Ready, set, check - Before you file, Credit Karma Tax™ will double-check your answers and let you know if anything is missing.

Additional Services
All applicable free options are available in season. Additional Services
Options Free
Printing $0
Customer Service/technical support $0
Storage of data for future years $0
Additional W-2's and 1099's $0
Downloading $0
Professional review $0

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