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State of California Franchise Tax Board

Paperless Schedules K-1 (565 or 568) for Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies

General Information

FTB's Paperless Schedule K-1 Program is an effective and resourceful way to submit and process Schedules K-1 (565 or 568). Through the Paperless Schedule K-1 (565 or 568) Program, partnerships and LLCs, or their representatives, may file hundreds of Schedules K-1 (565 or 568) by CD or portable USB/flash drive, instead of sending paper schedules. It significantly reduces resources expended by businesses and FTB to produce, file, process, and store paper.

Our Paperless Schedules K-1 Program includes taxable years 2013 and 2014 Schedules K-1 (565 or 568). Formatting is easy for the two Schedules because they are almost identical in layout.

  • We also provide TestWare for error-free formatting.

FTB also offers e-filing for Forms 565 and 568 and their associated Schedules, including Schedules K-1.

For more information about our business e-file program refer to FTB Pub. 1346B, Business e-file Guide for Software Developers and Transmitters, or visit our website at and search for business e-file.

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