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State of California Franchise Tax Board

FIDM Electronic Filing

Internet data exchange

FTB provides Method 2 participants the FTB Inquiry File quarterly via the Internet. The advantages of retrieving the file electronically include:

  1. Easier, faster, and less costly than other methods.
  2. No postage and package mailing.
  3. Quick confirmation that we received your file (1 or 2 working days).

Call our FIDM helpdesk at 916.845.6304 (not toll-free) to register for the SWIFT quarterly Internet data exchange. Upon setup, we will email you a user ID, password, and instructions for submitting your files electronically.

Internet files

Internet files use the same record layout as other types of media files. The following is required for Internet filing:

  • Internet Access.
  • Pentium based PC.
  • Browser that supports SSL and 128-bit encryption.
  • Connection bandwidth large enough to send your size file. T1 or DSL connections download faster than dialup. (It takes about 10 minutes to download 1 MB connected at 28.8k, about 5 minutes per MB connected at 56k.)
  • For Method 2: 100 MB of free disk space to receive the Method 2 Inquiry File; Connection bandwidth large enough to receive a 33MB or larger Inquiry File.


Email if you have questions or comments.

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