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State of California Franchise Tax Board

FIDM Data Exchange Methods


There are two methods available for the data match process. The financial institution selects the exchange method on FTB 2049A, FIDM Election Form. The FIDM Election Form is a formal agreement between FTB and the financial institution to conduct the data match process and satisfies the federal mandate.

Method 1

All Accounts Method. The first quarter of participation in a calendar year, the financial institution submits a file to FTB of all open accounts. For subsequent quarters, the file may contain all open or just updates of opened, closed, or changed accounts.

Method 2

FTB sends a list of child support debtors (Inquiry File) to the financial institution. The financial institution matches the Inquiry File against all open accounts and returns a file (Match File) of matched accounts.

Reporting "No Matches" or "No Updates"

Do not submit a file to us if the data match process results in no matches or updates.

Important Points

We exchange data on a quarterly basis. See Participation Schedule for due dates.

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