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State of California Franchise Tax Board

MIC Verification Schedule

Manufacturers' Investment Credit Verification Schedule

Template Purpose:
We developed this as a guide/tool for MIC audits. This is an optional tool to help you organize your work.
You are not required to use this schedule as part of your audit. The column headings represent the data
most frequently requested during a MIC audit. You can personalize your template based on the specific needs
of your audit.

Template Contents:
MIC Verification Schedule
Additional Headings
Additional Information As Reported

1. Select the columns most appropriate for your audit from the MIC Verification Schedule Tab.
2. Add or replace headings as needed from the "Additional Headings" Tab. Heading widths
and formatting are adjustable.
3. If you move columns, you should confirm your headings are formatted correctly.
4. You should confirm your schedule prints correctly.

Sample Comments for Column #11 of the MIC Verification Schedule:
* Nonqualified property because…
* Nonqualified activity because…
* Nonqualified cost because…
* Further analysis is necessary for…
* No California sales/use tax paid on the invoice for the asset.
* No California sales/use tax paid on the freight for the asset.
* Invoices substantiate part of the claimed costs.
* No supporting documentation was provided.
* Paid or incurred prior to 1994.

MIC Verification Schedule
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Asset Number Asset Name / Descrip-
Date Placed In Service Leased Equip-
ment (Y/N)
Costs Claimed Invoice Num-
CA Sales Use Tax Paid (Y/N) Freight Paid (Y/N) Quali-
fied Costs per In
fied Costs per Audit

MIC Verification Schedule - Additional Headings
1. Asset Information
Asset Location (more than one in CA) Department Category Capital Costs per CA Depr      
2. Invoice Information
Invoice Date Date Invoice Paid Description Per Invoice Vendor Vendor Location    
3. California Sales/Use Tax Information
Date CA SUT Paid Use Tax - TP Use Tax - BOE Sales Tax - Invoice    
4. Capitalized Labor Information
Capitalized Amount Capitalized Labor Outside Labor In-house Labor    
5. Cost Information
Cost of Asset Cost of Materials Total Costs Other Misc. Costs    
6. Leased Equipment Information
Operating or Finance Lease (O/F) Rental Equipment (Y/N)          
7. Audit Findings
Qualified MIC per Audit Qualified Costs per Audit As Reported Costs Potential Adjustment AUTHORITY: Code or Reg. Agreed Footnote

MIC Verification Schedule Additional Information As Reported
a b c d e f g h i j
Property Description Use Code SIC Code - Primary Use Leased Property (Y/N) Date Placed in Service (mo/yr) CA Sales Use Tax Paid Cost of Property (No SUT) Direct Labor Costs Allocated to Property Total Costs Proposed Adjustment

Column (b) Use Codes
A - Manufacturing
B - Research & Development
C - Pollution Control
D - Maintenance, repair, measurement, or testing of qualified property
E - Recycling
F - Fabricating
G - Refining
H - Processing
I - Develop or manufacture prepackaged software or custom software
J - Special manufacturing/research

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