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State of California Franchise Tax Board

Return Information Notice - Code AT

We revised the amount of withholding claimed on your return. The paragraph below explains why. We based the amount of withholding allowed on your Forms W-2 or CA Schedule W-2, Forms 1099, and other withholding documents. We also may have received information from other tax agencies or your employers. Please note, you cannot claim the following Form W-2 or CA Schedule W-2 items as California income tax withholding:

  • State Disability Insurance (CASDI, SDI VPDI).
  • Local tax withheld.
  • Any income tax withheld for another state.

You did not attach your withholding documents to your return.

Why did I receive this notice code?

We revised the amount of your withholding because you did not attach your withholding documents.

What do I need to do?

We allow your credit if you provide us with the proper withholding documents. Provide the copies to us along with a copy of this notice to:


Franchise Tax Board
PO Box 942867
Sacramento CA 94267-0011

Fax 916.845.4505

If you agree with the revision, you do not need to contact us. Please update your records. If a revised balance due exists, please pay the amount due.

If you do not agree, please contact us.

General Information about your notice.

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