About The Archive

The archive section of our website contains content we moved from the main (current) section of our website. Periodically, we move additional content to the archive.

Why we archive content

To improve search results and keep our main content current and relevant.

How this affects you


  • Searching either the current or archive sections of our website is easy.
  • Once you search either section, the search results page displays "Current content" and "Archived content" radio buttons below the search box that allow you to change the area you search.
    • Archived content will not display in current search results.
    • Current content will not display in archived search results.


  • Moving to and from the archive section is easy.
    • The bottom of each webpage contains a Home and an Archive link.
    • Current content contains a link to related prior year content now located in the archive.
    • Prior year content located in the archive contains a link to related current content.


  • If you bookmarked content before we moved it to the archive, your bookmarks will be broken. To fix them, either:
    • Navigate to the content you need in the archive and update your bookmark.
    • Add archive/ to the website address you bookmarked as shown below:
Webpage Previous website address New website address in the archive
FTB legislation https://www.ftb.ca.gov
2007 and prior year tax forms,
instructions, and publications