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Taxpayer Advocate Support changes its name to the Taxpayer Advocate Hotline


To inform staff that FTB will conform to the IRS Farmers and Fishermen extension date.


On February 22, 2008, IRS announced that Farmers and Fishermen who e-file their federal return with IRS Form 4136, Credit for Federal Tax Paid on Fuels, have until March 10 to e-file and pay. For eligible Farmers and Fishermen who attached the form to their 1040, the return will be considered timely filed with all taxes paid on or before March 10th.

The extension does not apply to paper filed returns, nor does it apply to Farmers and Fishermen who don’t e-file IRS Form 4136 with their return.


Affected areas have been notified and are prepared to handle returns and calls appropriately.


e-file processing notified all internal and external stakeholders, via the following methods:

  • Broadcast message to all software developers
  • Announcement on FTB public website
  • Distributed announcement by e-file news


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