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Correction to 2007 Schedule CA (540) printed version in the 540/540A Resident Booklet


To advise our staff of an error in the printed version of the Schedule CA (540), California Adjustments – Residents, included in the 2007 Resident Booklet. FTB mailed the booklet directly to taxpayers in December 2007, and provided the booklet through public distribution and VITA sites. On Side 2, line 38, there is an incorrect reference to federal Schedule A (1040).


The printed version of the 2007 Schedule CA (540), included in the Resident Booklet, Line 38:

Currently reads:
38. Federal itemized deductions. Add the amounts on federal Schedule A (Form 1040), lines 4,9,13,19,20,27, and 28.
Should read:
38. Federal itemized deductions. Add the amounts on federal Schedule A (Form 1040), lines 4,9,15,19,20,27, and 28.

The Schedule CA (540) instructions for line 38, located on page 56 of the Resident Booklet, contain the correct line number reference.

All other versions of the 2007 Schedule CA (540) are correct, including online forms, Package X, CalFile, and e-file.


To notify taxpayers of the error and to get the correct information out, we:

  • Issued a public news release
  • Posted a notification on our Public Website
  • Rebroadcast the message notifying the Computerized Tax Processors of the error
  • Will send direct correspondence to taxpayers who received the booklets in the mail by January 30, 2008
  • Will provide corrected tax forms to public distribution sites (District Offices and VITA sites before January 30, 2008)


For taxpayer contacts inquiring about the printed version of the 2007 Schedule CA (540) that contains the error, staff should:

  • Apologize for any inconvenience.
  • Advise taxpayers they can use the form included in the booklet by changing line number 13 to line 15 and follow the instructions on page 56.

If the taxpayer prefers, offer to send them a corrected version of the form. Also, advise callers they can download the 2007 forms from our Website at or use software products.

If taxpayers contact us after filing their 2007 tax returns using the incorrect version of the Schedule CA (540), advise them to do one of the following:

  • Provide FTB with a copy of their federal Schedule A and a copy of their Schedule CA (540) and we will correct any overstated tax liability resulting from the error.
  • File an amended tax return using the correct version of the Schedule CA (540).

Estimated Tax Penalty: If taxpayers contact us and they believe they received an estimated tax penalty, and they believes the penalty was caused by the incorrect line reference on the 2007 Schedule CA (540), advise them that we will adjust or waive the penalty as appropriate based on the corrected information they provide us.


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